Sim Family of Scotland History


George Thompson Sim and Mabel Bezenah

George Thompson Sim was born on July 7, 1885, in Clydebank, Scotland.  He cane to the United States with his parents, James (#3) Sim and Mary Kennedy,  in 1890. 

Family  records from Bay City, Michigan from 1890 to 1900 do not show George living with his parents. 

He and Mabel Bezenah, who was born June 23, 1883 in Bay City, Michigan, were married in Bay City. 

They had two children:

Lester Irving Sim, Born April 7, 1910, in Michigan
Laurence James Sim, Born June 23, 1913, in Michigan

George and Mabel
Laurence and Lester
Around 1917

In 1920, George (age 35), his wife Mabel (age 36) and a son, Irving, (age 9), living at 803 N. Union, Bay City, Michigan.  George's occupation is listed as a shipfitter at a shipyard. 

By 1930 the family was now living at 704 E. Jenney, in Bay City.  Also living at this address are his wife Mabel, his son Irvin, whose occupation is listed as musician, doing odd jobs.  A another son Lawrence, age 16, is now listed.

George, Lester and Mabel
Around ?

George and Mabel are buried in Calvary cemetery in Kawkalin, Michigan, near Bay City. 


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