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Cindy and I have been around this hobby since 1988.  We started out selling everything, but as the years went by we concentrated on literature and air meters.

After I wrote the Gas Pump Identification book everyone started introducing themselves to us, I wish I could remember all your names.

For seven years I also was a professional Santa Claus.  Most guys would recognize me by the big beard I had every year.  A heart attack sent Santa back to the North Pole, so you will have to look twice to recognize me without the beard.  The hat I wear mostly is my Korean Veteran cap.

I don't set up at the shows, just walk around with a camera taking pictures.  Come over and say hello.r

I am again writing gas pump articles for the "Check the Oil" magazine.  If you really want to keep up with things in this hobby I suggest you join the IPCA and get the "CTO" magazine, and get on the web at to get your answers to just about any petroliana question you might have.

I prefer corresponding by email but I don't mind giving out my phone number, you can always call me (as long it is after 11:00 am and before 7:00 pm everyday).  Do like to take off Sundays, but if it is important, call me.  314-427-3943 , or send us an email at


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