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Service Station Supply Co., Early 1930s


Service Station Supply Co., early 1930s (no date in catalog), 64 pages.  Excellent condition.  This company probably did not make anything themselves, they sold products of many other companies.  Covers:  Five pages of Erie gas pumps, models 70, 71, 80 and 100;  Air, water, light stand;  Ingersoll-Rand & DeVilbiss air compressors; St. Louis lifts;  Graco lubrication equipment;  Two pages of station lighting;  Oil dispensers, hand pumps, lubricators, measuring cans, batters service equipment;  Two pages of nozzles and hoses;  Service station heaters;  Eleven pages of tankers, and tanker accessories.
Catalog #10, $45.00  (This catalog is now listed on Ebay, if you wish to purchase it directly from me, call me at 314-427-3943.

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