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Renick & Mahoney - 1935


Renick & Mahoney, 1935, 100 pages.  A little frayed around the edges, binding tape is coming loose, otherwise very good, no staines.  Service station buildings;  Nozzles;  Oil can racks;  Oil measuring cans;  ECO Model 15 air meter;  Two pages of Air-Scale air meters;  Ingersoll-Rand air compressors;  Lincoln lube equipment;  Gasboy equipment;  Oil bottle display cabinet;  Five page of Aqua gas pumps;  Island lights;  Rotary lifts;  Muger auto pits;  Kewanee safes for service stations;  Marquette jacks;  Measuring cans;  Funnels;  Neptune meters;  RECO tank trucks; 
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