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A. J. Picard & Co. - 1920


A. J. Picard & Co., 1920, 363 pages.  This is not an ordinary catalog, it a bound book and is in very good condition, frayed around the edges and a few tears on some pages.  This company was a wholesaler, they sold anything and everything for the repair of automobiles, tools, parts, accessories, and just about anything for the repair garage.  There is one page with Romort air parts, and in the middle of another page is a Romort air tower.  Then added to the catalog after it was printed was pages 240-A & B, each two sided and the only color pages in the whole book.  These are some of the oldest Milwaukee gas pump, and many of these illustrations is what I used when writing the Gas Pump Identification book.  A real piece of automotive history, will keep you up for hours.
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