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Hoffman Hardware Co. - 1917?


Hoffman Hardware Co., 1917? (can't find any date), 1700+ pages.  In almost perfect condition, pages are great it is only the cover and the binding that is coming loose, could be glued, but I don't want to do anything I don't know how to do.  Appears to have every Stanley tool that was available, 24 pages of padlocks, Royal Granite, Old English and Old English Gray Enameled Ware, Griswold, Lodge, Neolody, early lunch boxes, garage doors, stoves, Coleman lamps, grinders, pages with handy oilers on them, 10 pages of Royal Rochester, "Red Poppy" & "Ivory & Poppy" and more, 16 pages of pocket knives, watches, clocks, all kinds of sporting goods including baseball gloves, Babe Ruth bats, 7 different croquet sets, and skates.  Thermos bottles, lunch kits, toys including Garton wagons, pedal cars, and pages of Steelcraft toys.
Catalog #74, $125.00

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