Gas Pump Literature Collection, Page 1

Before I jump in and start listing all that is in the collection, an explanation of what kinds of literature I have.  Basically the literature is divided into three types.  And, since nothing is always perfect there are certain items that fall between the three types.

1.  The first type is the ad.  This was usually the first thing that was put into print for the pump.  Many times ads appeared even before the patent was issued (if one was applied for, most pumps were not patented).  Large companies could afford full page ads, usually in color after around 1917.  The smaller the company, the smaller the ad.  Most of the ads I have came from National Petroleum News, Oil News, Super Service Station and Motor Age magazines. 

After I get a little further into all the files, I will provide a more accurate estimate, but right now I believe I have over 1000 ads.  Very few are from after 1970.

Typical ad from the teens and early 1920s.

Ad from the 1930s




2.  About the times the ad appeared, the pump companies would prepare a sales sheet.  Very few were single sheet, some were two sided, most were four pages, and some had as many as eight pages.  Some companies treated these as individual sales sheets, but if the particular company has other pumps in production they many times put all the sales sheets together to form some kind of a catalog. 

Tokheim, Bowser and Wayne all prepared two different sales sheets, one for the salesman and one to be mailed or left with the customer.  These three companies called the ones for the salesman "Bulletins."  I have almost every Tokheim Bulletin printed from 1917 to 2003 when they closed.  Most of the Wayne Bulletins I have are from the mid 1920s through the early 1930s when it seemed they discontinued them.  This is also true of Bowser, most that I have are from around 1930.  A few of the Tokheim Bulletins are copies, but 90% are originals. 

Sales brochures were usually four pages, but many are eight pages.  Most cover only one pump, but again many cover all the pumps the company had for sale.


Tokheim Bulletin #111 (around 1918)

Tokheim Bulletin #223, 1925

Tokheim Bulletin #275, 1930

Tokheim Bulletin #309, 1940


Wayne Bulletin #50, 1908

Wayne Bulletin #205, 1923

Wayne Bulletin #276, 1924

Wayne 1930 Sales sheet, 4 pages


Bennett 810 sales brochure

Bennett 76, 1936 sales brochure

This is an example of a odd size brochure.  It measures 6 1/2" X 20" and only one side is shown, see my website for the reverse (GP lit - Bennett - 371)

I have many brochures that when folded are 8 1/2" X 11", but when open are 22" X 34", and a couple that are even larger all in color.

I will post some sales lit from the smaller companies next.