Gas Pump Literature Collection, Page 15

Don't know how I started collecting these, but it grew to be a nice selection,  all are originals except one marked with "Copy."



My most prized letterhead.  A 1891 letter from Bowser, signed by S. F. Bowser.
A thank you letter for someone who requested information on pumps.  This signature corresponds to a signature that appears in one of the two company magazines (dated 1916) that I previously posted.

Two-page letter describing equipment being ordered.  AMCO sold Bennett pumps, describes a 810 Visible - 1935

American Oil Pump & Tank Co. 
1917 reminder of an unpaid bill.

1923 (appears to be a form letter) and signed by S. F. Kruper, President

Announcement of a Oil Trade show in Tulsa, Oklahoma

1939 letter about a paid bill

1954 Letter about returning parts

Bowser Field Service Report

Bowser packing list, no date, parts shipped to Ohio Oil (Marathon) in Lima, Ohio

1964 letter about territories.  Cherokee rebuild pumps

1928 form letter that accompanied a net price sheet

Around 1930 announcement of a new Wayne 40A from a service station in Warrenton, Oregon

1924 letter at accompanied literature and a note that the salesman would call soon.

1936 announcement that a new salesman would be calling soon

Approximately 1934 announcement for the new G&B 70

1956 letter that accompanied some new service manuals

Garver was a long time maker of tanks and also sold products of other companies, this 1935 6-page letter is a quote for products requested from a person in Minnesota.  They quoted a price on a Bennett 810 visible.  Also included is two flyers on tanks made by Graver.

1926 letter from the Iowa Division Manager for Fry to notify of his new address.  Actually a 4-page brochure for all Fry products including the Fry 117 (all in color), with the letter on the first page.  Nice piece.  Also includes the original envelope with stamps.

"Copy."  Accompanied a catalog that was requested.  1928

1924 letter that a salesman would contact the about their request for information

No date, probably 1920s, Accompanied their new catalog

1926 letter answering a question about a pump

1926 2-page letter answering questions.  Original envelope also included

Approximately 1932 announcement for Milwaukee's new Cash Recorder pump

1934 invoice for three pumps, a tank, a used air-compressor and a new 609 Milwaukee Air Stand, plus other small parts.

1935 paid invoice for a small part, plus the check made out to Milwaukee Pump to pay the invoice

1935 paid invoice for small parts.

Check from the Krentz Oil Co. of Westfield, Wisconsin made out to the Milwaukee Pump & Tank Co.

1944 Monthly statement from Milwaukee Pump & Tank

1945 Neptune return card to request information

No date, letter that accompanied the new catalog

1929 letter from Service Station Equipment Co.  This is before they purchased Bennett and ECO was housed in the Bryant, Ohio plant.

1930s replay card for information.

1938 letter to acknowledge the request for information on a barrel pump

1950 Invoice from Southwest Pump Co. to the Texas Co. (Texaco) for some small parts.

Wayne 1926 letter that was attached to a brochure for the Wayne 519 etc. pumps.  Includes original envelope

1939 reminder of payment due

1948 Wayne order blank

No date, Wayne invoice for parts sent

Actually a 4 page brochure with a letter on the front.  Covers the new 500 Series pumps from the 1950s.

1950 letter that accompanied a parts catalog

Richardson Lubricating Co., 1901 bill for 1-barrel of Safety gasoline.  Cost $6.30 plus $1.25 deposit on barrel.


1926 letter to Milwaukee Pump about how good their pump is

1954 letter to inform of a overpayment

1956 letter to inform a change in gallonage shipped

1938 letter that accompanied a Conoco Touraide

1937 letter that accompanied a Conoco Touraide

1938 letter from a service station committing themselves to purchase a Erie and a Bowser pump

A 1946 letter from a truck stop/restaurent trying to collect some charges made by the driver, probably some biscuits & gravy.

A 1926 letter to the Milwaukee Pump Co, to let them know how great their pumps are

1925 letter to Milwaukee Pump, again to let them know how good the pumps are

1953 letter that accompanied a price sheet


1931 letter to the winner of a Atlas.  Miss Frances Fisher of Cleveland had written the prize-winning letter.

Shell station letterhead

1942 (wartime) letter from Wadhams informing them of changes in the OPA rules

1930 letter about some tire prices, invoice for the tires is also included


1956 price increase notice, 6-pages.


1932 letter that accompanied some brochures.


1960s Notice of Shipment, return envelope also included

Stack of invoices for car loads of fuel - 1956

Stack of invoices for tank loads of fuel - 1958

Invoice for tank load of fuel - 1953

Hand written credit - 1949

Hand written credit card receipt - 1953

Credit card receipt - 1957

Credit card receipt - 1957

Stack of credit card receipt - 1950

Hand written credit card receipt - 1949

Invoice for 4799 gallons of ? - ($.11 per gallon) - 1956

Invoice - 1954

Receipt for 725 gallons of Shell fuel oil - 1956

Invoice - 1955

Invoice for Veedol products - 1953

Invoice - 1956

Unused Lubricating Oil Contract - 1953

Invoice - 1953

Invoice - 1955

Hand written credit car receipt - 1951

Invoice - 1951

Hand written credit card receipt - 1951

Invoice - 1958

Invoice - 1958

Invoice - 1956

Stack of Invoices - 1959

Invoice for Shell gas - 1948

Invoice for 111 gallons of Veedol oil - 1949

Invoice for grease - 1949

Invoice - 1938

Invoice for 750 gallons gasoline - 1948

Tide Water invoice -1954

Tide Water credit card receipt - 1954

Invoice - 1958

Order - 1951

Tide Water - Tulsa - 1939 letter

Tide Water - Chicago - 1947 letter

Tide Water order - 1948

Tide Water invoice -

Tide Water credit - 1950

Milton Oil Co letter - 1958

Tidewater order - 1962

Uniform order - 1958

Tide Water Chicago letter - 1956

Tidewater Tulsa letter - 1959

Tidewater invoice - 1958

Tidewater invoice - 1958

Tide Water invoice - 1948

Tide Water invoice - 1938

Tide Water invoice - 1947

Tide Water credit memo - 1947

Tide Water invoice - 1951

Tide Water invoice - 1947


Tide Water invoice - 1950

1932 letter trying to sell a Curtis Lift and a Alemite lub gun to a service station

1954 letter about not being charged for some tires

Date unknown, Planters Peanut, looks old, accompanied a instructive book

1948 letter about the price of coal

1948 letter about territory rights.

1958 letter/estimate to paint four gasoline tank trucks ($450.00)



Bowser 1938 invoice for 565A pump with Alzak pump lite

Another Bowser 1938 invoice for 565A pump with Alzak pump lite

Bowser 1938 invoice for gas pump parts

Bowser 1954 invoice for gas pump parts

Bowser 1954 credit memo

Butler 1937 invoice for delivery cans

Butler 1953 invoice for farm tank & pump

Erie 1939 order for Pylonite painted Tydol orange

Erie 1939 cancel of previous order

Erie 1946 Invoice for Fig. 179 1-gallon stroke pump

Gilbert & Barker 1939 invoice for parts

Milwaukee Pump 1949 order for 2870 pump

Milwaukee Pump return envelope from before postal zones

Milwaukee 1937 salesman's order for parts

Milwaukee 1937 invoice for a 60 gallon kerosene outfit

Milwaukee 1945 order for 3-33-H pumps with tanks

Milwaukee 1945 invoice for 3-233 one-gallon pumps with nozzles

Milwaukee 1947 paid invoice for repair work done to Bowser pump by Milwaukee

Milwaukee 1958 order for parts

Milwaukee 1958 order to have four 33-H pump repaired and painted Tydol green

Progress 1937 invoice for tanks

Progress 1932 invoice for a 510 gallon tank

Progress 1947 paid bill for a Model 80, 1000 gal 6-compartment truck tank, painted with accessories, total cost $1402.97

Progress 1948 pass due notice

Service Station Equipment Co. 1947 invoice for 3-646-B Bennett pumps, painted for Tydol

Service Station Equipment Co. Statement

Wayne 1952 invoice for parts

Wayne 1947 credit memo

Wayne 1939 invoice for parts

Wayne 1939 invoice for a 587 pump light

Wayne 1947 invoice for a globe holder


Wayne 194? Railway Express Agency receipt of shipping