Gas Pump Literature Collection, Page 2

NOTE:  I should have mentioned this before I started posting pictures.  I have at least 14 file drawers filled with gas pump and oil dispenser literature.  Plus 24 loose-leaf books filled with only color literature.  Some of these books are as much as 4" thick.  The loose-leaf books for Tokheim measure over 24" wide on the shelf, Bennett is 9 1/2". 

Literature in the books are all in plastic sleeves and will be sold in the sleeves in the books.  Literature in the file drawers is in individual hanging folders and will be sold in the folders, nothing will get mixed up.

The following are examples of sales literature from smaller companies:

American fold out mailer, 22" X 17"

American catalog, 6" X 9", shows American Cut No. 1, + 7 pumps

American 587, 8 page - 8 1/2 X 11"

American 8 1/2 X 11, 16 pages, includes 4 parts lists

American  8 1/2 X 11", 4 pages

American 2347, 8 1/2 X 11"
4 pages

Bennett Injector Co., 1922, 2-page flyer, one of the earliest known pieces of Bennett lit.

Bennett, 4-page brochure

Bennett, 4-page brochure

Original Bennett photo/drawings from the 1930s

Bennett 8-page all color brochure

Bennett large, all color brochure covering the 600 series pumps

Bennett 2-page brochure, 600 series

Bennett 2-page brochure, 756

Bennett 10-page all color brochure, 1954

Bennett, 4-page all color brochure, 1955


Bowser 16-pages small catalog, approx. 1886-1890

Bowser 64-pages small catalog, approx. 1900

Bowser 46-page small catalog, approx. 1905

Bowser 12-page Bulletin, 1916

Bowser employee magazines (2), both from 1916

Bowser Bulletin, 12-pages, 1923

Bowser Bulletin, 12-pages, 1922

Bowser 20-page all color brochure for Chrysler dealers only, 1927, many pumps, etc.

Bowser 48-page brochure, 1930, many gas pump, etc.

Bowser 1937, two page flyer

Bowser 1950, two page flyer

Bowser 1951, two page flyer


Boyle-Dayton catalog from 1925, 44-pages, all color almost all gas pumps

Butler 8 1/2" X 11", folds out to 34" X 11", shows clock & visible pumps

Butler 8 page brochure for service station buildings & islands

Clear Vision catalog from 1928, 14-pages, all color, all pumps

Crawford small 1922 brochure

Five one sided pages of Davis oil fountains.

Dayton, 52-page color catalog, almost all gas pumps

Beautiful art deco Erie catalog, 36-color pages, 14 pages of pumps, frayed around the edges, otherwise excellent.  9 1/2" X 12" - 1935

Erie brochure, was 8 pages, 2 pages missing, all color pumps

Erie two-page flyer

Erie Art deco brochure, 24-pages, covers the 50 and other equip.

Erie 4-page brochure

Erie 2-page flyer

Erie 2-page flyer

Erie 12-page brochure

Erie 1936, 9" X 12" frayed around the edges.

Ferro 12+ pages color brochure

Small G&B brochure, 1910, shows pump #1.  40-pages

Small G&B brochure, also 1910, shows more pumps.  32-pages

Small G&B brochure, 1911, 12-pages

G&B 1923 brochure, 4" X 8", folds out to show six pumps on one long page.

G&B 3" X 6 1/2" flyer that folds out to 13" X 6 1/2."  1936

G&B, 1930, two-sided sales sheet.  9" X 12".  This one torn at top.

G&B, 1930, two-sided sales sheet.  9" X 12"

G&B, 1930, two-sided sales sheet.  9" X 12"

G&B, 1930, two-sided sales sheet.  9" X 12"

G&B 16-page brochure, 1918, color shows 6 pumps

G&B 12-page brochure

G&B 4-page brochure

G&B 6 page flyer