Gas Pump Literature Collection, Page 4

The following literature is very large brochures.  These generally fold down to 8 1/2" X 11", but when opened up, will sometimes be four times that.  I have listed the exact measurements for each piece, both opened and folded.  Every one of these pieces when matted and framed would make a great display.

Measures 8" X 11" folded, 32" X 22" opened.  This is a mailer, but it was never mailed, it is factory new.  In the top picture it shows the complete Bennett line for approximately 1935.  Notice it still shows the 810 visible that was introduced in 1930.  Also the ECO pictures show a light attachment for the Model 33 ECO Series.  This is the only reference to this light that I have ever found. 


Measures 8" X 11" when folded and 8" X 33" when opened.  Appears to be a mailer, but there is no place to affix an address, possibly was sent in an envelope.  Shows the Bennett 300 Series pumps from 1934.  Factory new, never sent to anyone.


Measures 8" X 11" when folded and 8" X 33" when opened.  This is the same as the previous brochure, but it has a place for the address.  Factory new, never sent to anyone.  1934.




 Clear Vision, 1926.  Measures 4" X 9", opens to 9"X 20".  Shows 7 pumps.





Wayne 1935 brochure.  7" X 9" folded, 26" X 20 unfolded.  Art Deco brochure, some silver ink. 


Measures 8" X 12" folded, 24" X 12" unfolded.  1938.



Measures 6 1/2" X 10" folded, 26" X 20" unfolded.  Approximately 1937.  Perfect condition. 


Wayne 1935 mailer.  6" X 12" unfolded, 24" X 18" unfolded.  Really art deco. 
Condition is rough on bottom edge, and coming apart at the seams.