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We have more parts for the ECO Model 90 Series Air Meters than any other air meter.  The parts lists are broken down as follows:

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Pedestal Parts

Chrome and Housing Parts

Mechanical Parts - Face and Wheel Parts

Mechanical Parts - Rear Parts

Mechanical Parts - Base Parts

Model 93 Parts

Decals for Your Pedestal

Model 90 Series Service Manual & Other Literature

Repair Service for Model 90 Series ECOs

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Understanding the Model 90 Series ECO

First of all, the ECO does not produce air, it only meters it.  So many people over the years have asked me, where is the compressor.

It operates by air pressure, not by electricity.  When you lift the hose from the hook it opens the mechanism allowing the air to circulate.  Once the chuck is placed on the valve stem of the tire, a shot of air is sent into the tire.  It then stops and reads the pressure of the tire to see if it the same as what the setting is.  If it is not the same, another shot of air is sent into the tire.  Each time it does this, the bell rings.  It works like this: SHOT....READ....SHOT....READ....SHOT....  It will continue to do this until the pressure in the tire is the same as the pressure that was set on the mechanism.  This is what the words "BALANCE INFLATION" on the top chrome piece means.

If it does or doesn't do what it is supposed to do, you now need to repair it, my first suggestion is to get a one of my Service Manuals.  If you want us to repair it CLICK HERE

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