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For years this trailer was a familiar site at Carlisle, Hershey and many other swap meets.  Now we offer you even more ECO parts.


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Model 97 & 98
eco air meters

Pedestal Mount

                              Wall Mount


The first ECO air meter was made around 1916 or 1917 by the Western Manufacturing Company, of Oskoloosa, Iowa.  The earliest patent record that I have found is from 1914. 

It appears that the first ECOs were actually called the Economy Air Meters.  The name was then shortened to ECO and is pronounced EEEECO, not ECHO.

The earliest advertisement I have is for the ECO No. 8, from around 1917.  The first seven were probably the Economy Air Meters.  The Model 8 through the Model 20 (the number Model 20 was used twice, this is the early 20) had an unique option, it could be purchased equipped with a coin attachment.  The coin attachment would require the motorist to put in a nickel, dime or quarter to get some air.  I personally doubt that many of these were sold.  I do know of two 1917 era ECOs having been found and have personally seen one.

During the 1920s the Western Manufacturing Company also made equipment used to repair Model T Fords.  They made engine stands, transmission stands, etc.  To see some of the equipment they made, click HERE.

Around 1925, ECO announced a new series of air meters which we have nicknamed the ECO 19 Series Air Meters.  There were at least eleven different units in this series.

In 1928 the ECO Division of the Western Company was purchased by the John Wood Company.  Wood moved ECO to their Bryan, Ohio factory.  Bryan, Ohio, is a small town, but at the time it was also the home of AERO, a large manufacturer of automobile lubrication equipment.  There may be a connection here.  Wood was a very large corporation and had interests in many fields beside automotive.  In 1929 Wood created a new division, calling it the Service Station Equipment Company.  In 1930 the Bennett Pump Company was acquired by Wood and was made part of the SSEC Division.  At this time the ECO Company was made part of Bennett and moved to Muskegon, Michigan.

In 1931 five new ECO Air Meters were announced, we refer to them as the ECO 39 Series Air Meters.  With the depression, this was not the best time for high price equipment, so in 1932 three more units were announced, the ECO Series 15 Air Meters.  These were a very simple unit, selling for the lowest prices ever charged for an ECO meter.

In 1933, SSEC, feeling the effect of the depression, decided to consolidate their operations.  Both the Bennett Pump Company  and ECO were moved to the SSEC operations in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.  Before they moved, all the 39 Series and the 15 Series ECOs had the word ECO embossed on the front of the meter.  During the time they were in Conshohocken, the letters SS were embossed on the front of the meter. 1934 saw the announcement of a new series of ECOs, the 33 Series Air Meter.  These units contained the same mechanism that the previous series had.  

In 1937, all SSEC operations returned to Muskegon, Michigan.

SSEC continued to sell the 33 Series through 1950, but they introduced the 90 Series ECO in 1947.  This is the unit we are all familiar with.  1948 saw the introduction of the first ECO Islander, the 120 Series.  These units were made for only four years and are very rare today.  In 1952, ECO announced the 240 Series Islanders, which were made for many years.  The ECO Model 97 and 98 are no longer being made, and it appears we are the only ones still servicing them.  Officially, the ECO company no longer exists.

For more information about the ECO and other Air Meters, see my new book "AIR METERS IDENTIFICATION AND PRICE GUIDE," which is now available.

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