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In 1947, the Bennett Pump Company introduced the 120 Series ECO Islanders.  These Islanders were made for only four years.  How many were sold and why they were discontinued may never be known.  I have never seen one, and have only heard from one collector who owns one.  No parts for the lower part are available, but we do have parts for the head and some literature for them.  To see what they look like and look at the literature, click here.

In 1952, Bennett introduced the 240 Series Islanders.  These are the ones most collectors are familiar with.  Not many parts are available, but we do have some listed below.  We also have a great deal of literature for the 240s, look down the bottom of the page.

There are actually ten different ECO 240 Islanders.  Most of them are pictured in the literature below.

The head on any ECO Islander is almost identical to the head found on the ECO 97 and 98 meters. 

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For those of you who want a working unit but do not wish to repair it yourself, we offer a complete repair service. 



Assuming you purchased a 97 or 98 head to put on your Islander, there is a one difference between the 97/98 head and the Islander head.  Instead a 1" pin on the base of the frame, you need to have this special spring.  They are not made anymore, but I do have a few used ones.  There is one other modification you will need to make, if you are buying this spring I'll tell you what it is.

Out of stock

Again assuming you are using a 97/98 head on your Islander, the Scuff Plate is different.  It should have this brass plate on it. 

Out of stock

Brass plate that is
attached to scuff plate
Out of stock

One more difference, the Islander head does not use the hook for the hose, it uses this on/off flip switch. 
Out of stock


Adapter plate, goes between head and Islander base.  With this you can mount any Model 90 head on an Islander.  Original used, limited supply.

Square Islander tag,
reproduced as a decal

Original red, made in America 25' hose.  Ready to be put on both the air and the water drums.

Bumper to keep hose from going back in unit.  Not exactly the same as the original, but close.

Genuine Milton chuck,
very close to original.

Original style water bib.  Screws on to the air/water hose above.

We now have a limited supply of NOS RED bibs available.  These were on the original Islanders.
$75.00 each

Islander Service Manual, copy.
$20.00 (EO240-1)

Islander Parts manual.  Shows every part of the Islander with original part numbers.
$20.00 (EO240-2)

Probably the nicest Islander brochure published. 
Original, 8 Pages 1956
Pictures of seven Islanders  all in color, 8.5 X 11 in.


Explains how the Spira-Coil operate
Please note:  This is included in the Service Manual shown above.  8 pages, Laser copy, probably 1950s
8.5 X 11 in.
$8.00 (EO240-4)

Single sided flyer explaining the cost, down-payment and how much you could earn having a Islander  Original, 1950s.
$8.00 (EO240-5)

Double sided flyer that folds up, both sides shown.
8.5 X 11 in.  Original, dated 1950
$8.00  (EO240-6)

Die-Cut fold up flyer.  Ten Islanders shown.  Original,
dated 1957  8.5 X 8 in.
$8.00  (EO240-7)

Two-sided flyer, both sides shown
Original, 1950s  8.5 X 11 in.
$10.00 (EO240-8)





Ad about Islanders along the New Jersey Turnpike
Original, 1950s  8.5 X 11".
$5.00  (EO240-9)
These photos are original
Bennett factory photos. 
They came out of the
Bennett files when the
company moved out
of Muskegon in the
late 1990s.  Note the
markings made on the
photos by the design
department.  These
photos appear in many
of the brochures
available above.

$8.00 each

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