Hoosier Petro Pedlers

Evansville, IN 2009

One of the best and one of the most overlooked small shows around.  And the show is really on one-half the fun of going. 

None of these pictures were taken at the show, all were taken at the home of Rick Bonenberger, the long time promoter of the show.  It's been a few years since I last visited his home and I couldn't believe how much he had added.  He has so much nice stuff, there isn't wall or shelf space to display it all.  You can spend minutes looking at something, look away, then look back you will see something you missed the first time.

First of all, his upper garage is filled with his hot-rods and they are all restored.  The walls and shelves are filled, and things like signs are leaning against anything, so many you can't see the ones in the middle.

Then you move to his family room.  Really laid out nicely, everything restored and looking great.

Now you walk down the hill to the large garage.  The last time I was there, there was plenty of room to walk, now the building is filled with three cars under restoration, so many pump it is almost impossible to count them, and only one from the 1950s.  Air meters (mostly rare ones) all over the place, so much to look at I left disappointed because I couldn't stay longer just to look.

Many of his pumps are very rare, and the amazing thing is there are not singles, they are twins.  I was just taking pictures as fast as I could.  To give you an example of his pumps, I spotted a rare pump (I believe only 25 were ever made), recognized it was a coin-operated Sharkey, then took a second look, there was another one behind it.  I wish I could remember what all the pumps were.

The upper garage

The family room.


I believe this is the newest pump he has.

Rare Lipman air meter

Neptune Sharmeter

Satan from France

A St. Louis pump I believe

Bennett 450

850 Twin

Moore & Kling twin

Cars waiting to be restored

Another foreign pump

Rare Air-Scale air meter

A Romort Arno with a Chicago Pheumatic head, Rick says it is original.

Another hard to find Air-Scale air meter.

The first Curtis air stand I have ever seen.

Coin-operated Sharkey

With another one behind it!

Me and Rick


Moore & Kling again

Here is a great way to display your brass nozzles.

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