Sim Family of Scotland History

Elizabeth M. Gormley

Elizabeth (Lizzy) M. Gormley was born December 28, 1881 or 1882, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Her parents were Bernard Gormley, born July 7, 1850 in Portstewart, Ireland, and Jennie (Jane) Lynch, also born in Ireland.  I believe her grandmother's name was Alice Gormley, and she was from Carrickmore, CR County Tyrone, in Northern Ireland.

She had a brother, Charlie, born around 1901.

In 1898, she married Duncan Monro Sim, in Philadelphia. 

They had four children. 
James Monro Sim, born October 12, 1900, in Philadelphia
Margaretta Sim, born October 4, 1901, in Philadelphia
John Duncan Sim, born July 5, 1903, in Newport News, Virginia
Henry Allen Sim, born August 3, 1908, in Philadelphia

Elizabeth died at age 49 on July 2, 1932 and is buried at the New Catheral cemetery, in Philadelphia.

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