Sim Family of Scotland History


Mary Kennedy Sim

Mary Kennedy was born in 1842, probably in Duffus, Scotland.  Her father was John Kennedy and he was a shoemaker.  Her mother was Janet Duncan, and the family lived in Duffus, Scotland.

On December 25, 1863, in Kirkhill, Duffus, Morayshire, Scotland, she married James (#3) Sim

They had at least 10 children:
    1.  John B. Sim, born February 10, 1864 in Moray, Duffus, Scotland
    2. James Sim Jr. #4, born April 12, 1866 in Urquhart, Scotland
    3. William (Billie) Ryan Sim, born April 7, 1872, in Govan, Lanark, Scotland (Glasgow area)
    4. Duncan Monro Sim, born August 29, 1874, in Clydebank, Old Fitzpatrick, Scotland.
    5. Andrew Sim, born 1877, probably in Clydebank, Scotland
    6. Robert Sim, born April 14, 1879, probably in Clydebank, Scotland
    7. Mary Sim, born 1871 in Scotland, probably Clydebank
    8. Elizabeth (Betty or Bessie) Sim, born May 15, 1883, probably in Clydebank, Scotland
    9. George Thompson Sim, born July 7, 1885 in Clydebank, Scotland
   10. Allen Kennedy Sim, born November 14, 1888 in Scotland

James (#3), Mary and most of the family came to the United States in 1890, and settled in Bay City, Michigan.

Possibly James and Mary
Photo found taken at Port Heron, Michigan
Found in a Sim bible

Please see James (#3) Sim for a record of where she lived.

It is believed that James and Mary are buried in a cemetery in Bay City, Michigan, across from Visitation church.  This could be either Oak Ridge or the Visitation church cemetery.  The latter is very much neglected and many were moved from there to Calvary in Kawkalin during the 1950s.  Donald Crispien, who supplied us with this information, is going to check on this.

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