Sim Family of Scotland History


Mary Sim and George LaCombe

(This is all the information I can find on Mary and George.  Their name does not appear on any Census records or on any Michigan records that I can find.  Can anyone help here?)

Mary Sim was born in 1871 in Scotland.  She came to the United States with her parents James (#3) Sim and Mary Kennedy, in 1890. 

She married George LaCombe of Bay City, Michigan. 

They had four children:

Bernice Lacombe, born in 1903, in Michigan
Mary Ellen Lacombe, born in 1905, in Michigan 
Elroy Lacombe, born November 12, 1900
Allen Lacombe, born ?


George died January 15, 1965, and is probably buried in or near Wyondotte, Michigan, with his wife Mary.


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