Sim Family of Scotland History


William Duncan Sim

William (Bill) was born June 9, 1924, in Philadelphia.  His parents were John Duncan Sim and Regina Difenberger.  After the divorce of his parents in 192?, Bill lived mostly with his father in Philadelphia, in the Kenningston area. 

Bill attended Adair Elementary School, Penn Treaty Junior High, and Upper Darby Senior High (while living with his mother in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia). 

I don't remember a lot about Bill from this time as he was 10 years older than me and I was only 7 years old when he entered the Navy.  I remember him living in our house but I also remember him living in the family house on Dauphin Street, just around the corner.  I also remember him going with us for month long summer vacations at a house in Wildwood, New Jersey.  I believe he taught me how to fish off the back of the house which was on the bay behind Wildwood.

In 1942?, he joined the United States Navy, serving as a radio-gunner in a Draughnut airplane, flying off various aircraft carriers during World War Two.  He fought in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Theaters.  Initially he was assigned to a carrier out of England.  Their job was to search the north sea looking for German Battleships.  For some reason he was reassigned back to the U. S. then to the Pacific theatre where he flew off a number of carriers.  He was on one of the carriers when it was hit by a kamikaze airplane.

Sometime during 1944 the Navy decided the old Draughnut planes needed to be replaced.  The old planes (originally they were planes we were using in the 1930s, long before the war started) were given to the Marines who used them to fly off small islands in the south Pacific.  The Navy also made another decision, to replace the radio/gunners (who were enlisted men) with officers.  Bill was sent to the island of Guam where he sat out the war.  One thing that I do remember from this time is that we went months without hearing from him.  It was such a long time that the family thought he had been killed in action and we were never notified.

During the war, while he was stationed at Pensacola Naval Base he met Winnie Difenberger.  They were married ?, and settled in Mobile, Alabama.

Bill and Winnie around 194?

They had four children:

Richard Sim, born

Bill, Bob and Jack, at a family reunion
in Gulf Shores, AL around 1966

Bill started an electrical supply business in Mobile, Alabama, Glower Electric, which because very successful, and is now run by his son Richard.

Winnie passed away in 19?, and is buried at ?, in Mobile, Alabama.

After his retirement, Bill married Ann ?, on ?, in Mobile, Alabama.  He and Ann traveled extensible around the world.  Bill died, September ?, 2004, and was buried at ?, in Mobile, Alabama.


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