Sim Family of Scotland History


William Ryan Sim and Clellie Edith Daniel

William or Billie as he was know, was born born April 7, 1872, in Govan, Lanark, Scotland (Glasgow area).  His parents were James (#3) Sim and Mary Kennedy Sim.        

William Ryan Sim came to the United States from Scotland around 1890, with his parents. 

He lived in Bay City, Michigan from around 1890 to 1900. 

William  married Clellie Edith Daniels, February 29, 1892 in Bay City, Michigan.  She was the daughter of Peter Daniels and Mabel Stevens of Bay City. 

Believed to be Billie,
photo is marked Glasgow

He came to Baltimore, Maryland around 1921.

William Ryan Sim and Clellie had three children:

Catherine Sim, born October 22, 1892, in Bay City, Michigan
Arthur Sim, born August 25, 1894, in ?
William Harold Sim, born April 2, 1902


William Ryan Sim died December 23, 1937 in 974 Franklin Town Rd., Baltimore, Maryland and Clellie died February 4, 1942 at the same address, they are buried at ?


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