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The Sim Name:

In Scotland the Sim name is found only in the Fraser Clan.  The leader of the Fraser Clan is Simon Fraser, and the name Simon means "son of Sim."  So you can see how close our family is to the leader of the Fraser Clan.  Other spellings of the name are Sym, Symm, and Sims. 

I have been able to trace our family back to 1796.  Tracing it back further will be a little difficult because before then they depended mostly on church records, and since most of the churches are gone, so are the records.

Our family starts in the upper highlands of Scotland in the Elgin area.  From there the family moved south in Scotland to the Glasgow area,  around 1872.  From Glasgow they emigrated to the United States.  Since the men of the family were shipbuilders they went where the ships were being built.  Most of the family went straight to Bay City, Michigan, one stayed in Philadelphia.  From Bay City the family went different ways, the girls stayed in Michigan where they raised families, one son stayed in Michigan, some went to Philadelphia, and from there we haven't been able to determine.  One wound up in the Baltimore area where family members remain.  One went to Ohio, one to California.

As you travel through this website, you can trace your part of the family by clicking on your name on the left, then on your parents name, and so on, or you can start here and start with the earliest know member of the family.  Also be sure to take some side trips to learn more about the area our family came from, where they worked, etc., by clicking on anything that is brown and underlined.  You can always come back to this page and start over again. 

James #1



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Allen Kennedy Sim 1888
Allen Lacombe 190?
Andrew Sim 1877
Arthur Harold Sim 1894
Barbara Jean Sim 1959
Bernice Lacombe 1903
Catherine Sim 1892
Clellie Edith Daniels 18?
Duncan Monro Sim 1874
Elizabeth Rhind 1822
Elizabeth Sim 1883
Elizabeth Gormley 1881
Florence Narlock 19?
George Abbs 1880?
George LaCombe 19?
George Thompson Sim 1885
Helen Elizabeth Sim 1958
Helen Lawrie Fallows 19?
Henry Allen Sim 1908
James (#1) Sim 1796
James (#2) Sim 1821
James (#3) Sim 1842
James (#4) Sim Jr. 1866
James Monro Sim 1900
John B. Sim 1864
John Duncan Sim 1903
John Henry Sim 1935
John Henry Sim Jr. 1960
Joseph Heston 190?
Joseph Heston Jr. 1919
Laurence James Sim 1913
Lester Irving Sim 1910
Lottie Louise Piotrowski 19?
Mabel Bezenah 1883
Mary Sim 1871
Mary Kennedy 1842
Marquerite Heston ? 192?
Marquerite Sim Heston 1901
Mary Ellen Lacombe 1905
Regina Difenberger 19?
Robert  Sim 1879
Robert Howard Sim 1938
William Duncan Sim 1924
William Ryan Sim 1872
William Harold Sim 1892
William Heston 1920
William Heston (Jr.?) 19?