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Actually we are rebuilding, not repairing. 

The main reason these units need rebuilding is that the original owners never drained the water off on a regular basis.  The units are almost all very rusted in the lower chamber.  Many times the strainer is completely rusted away and the check valve rusted shut.  Rust will also get into the main valve.

This is what we do:

The unit is completely taken apart and sandblasted and painted a dull aluminum.  The diaphragm and strainer gaskets are replaced.  The main valve is rebuilt and the check valve is removed and replaced.  The wheels are cleaned and if they don't come clean a set of number wheel decals are applied.  Everything else is checked for wear and leaks.

It is then reassembled and calibrated to within one pound of pressure.

This is what the unit will look like when you get it.

Unless we are swamped, we should be able to returned unit within ten days.

Our minimum charge is $200.00 which includes labor, parts (diaphragm, strainer gasket, valve rebuild kit, check valve kit & wheel decals).

  If the repairs are extensive, we will add additional labor charges at $12.50 per 1/2 hour and if additional parts are necessary these will be added to the total.
All parts prices will be the same as listed on this website and customer will pay all shipping charges.

If the unit requires extensive or expensive parts, you will be notified before we continue with the rebuild.

Please send only the mechanism with the bleeder valve attached.

Email us for the address and to let us know when to look for your unit, when the repairs are complete we will email you the total cost. 
You can send a check, MO or pay us by Paypal.

Please do not pack the unit in Styrofoam peanuts, they get
all over the place, they get stuck in the mechanisms and it
take me 20 minutes just to pick all of them out.  Please put the
unit in a plastic bag, then pack it in anything you want.

Call me for the address to ship the mechanism.

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