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Before we start, let me tell you something about us.  We started selling ECO parts and restoring ECOs in the late 1980.  We have sold more than 300 restored ECOs and have also become the largest seller of ECO parts in the world.  We (Cindy and I) believe it is because of the service and quality of product we provide.

This is the Air Meter everyone remembers.  You set the desired pressure by turning the handle, put the chuck on the valve stem, the bell started ringing and the tire filled.  Thousands were sold, most are gone, but you can get a completely restored one right here.

Everything has been powder coated and will stay a brilliant red much longer than paint, especially outdoors. 

New chrome including the reset handle, wheels restored, new face, stainless steel screws used throughout.

Mechanism has been rebuild, not just repaired.  Main valve rebuilt, new diaphragm, new check valve, and new strainer gasket.  Mechanism has been calibrated to within 1 lb.

Comes with original style, American made, 25' red hose with the long chuck, just like the one that was used on the 1947 model. 

Back cover with a new ID tag, stamped with a 1947 date. 

Working light unit installed ready to attach to your electric supply.  Long interior air hose extends down through the pedestal for you to attach it to your air supply.  This way you can put it outside for the warm weather and bring it inside during the winter.  No need to open the unit to hook it up.

Take a look at the face and the back cover, I have even installed the original white fiber washers.  You won't see these on any other restored units.

Includes a copy of the revised Service Manual that I rewrote, just in case you ever have to re-calibrate the unit someday. 

There is only one thing you will have to supply besides the air and electricity, that is a place to mount the meter.  These units are naturally top-heavy, so they should be mounted securely to something.

Just in case you have ever considered purchasing a used unit and restoring it, read this:

If you purchase a used ECO at a auction this is what you will have to do:

Pay around $950.00 for it, and it probably doesn't work, if it does work, for how long?
Take it apart, this could be tough if it is rusted
Sand all the metal parts or have them sandblasted
Replace all the parts that are unusable
Primer all the parts
Paint all the parts, or pay someone to paint it for you
Buy a Service Manual to learn how to make the mechanism work
Repair the mechanism after buying the parts needed to make it work
Recalibrate the unit
Buy a new Chrome Kit and "AIR" glass
Buy a new reset handle if it is damaged or missing
Buy a new face if it is faded or damaged
Buy a light kit, because most units do not have a light
Buy a new hose
Buy a new chuck
Run the air line out of the unit
New screws and misc. items, think of all the trips to the hardware store


Complete pedestal with inspection door at bottom
Front cover, powder coated red, inside and out
Rear cover, powder coated red, inside and out
Center housing, completely powder coated red
New Chrome Emblem Plate
New Chrome Bezel
New "AIR" Glass
New Chrome Scuff Plate
New Chrome Hook
White Fiber Washers
New Chrome Reset Handle
New Light Kit including the Bulb
All new Stainless Steel screws hold everything together
New Air Line that goes down through the pedestal (just attach your air supply to the hose)
25" American Made Red Hose, just like the one that was on the unit in 1947
Original style brass Long Chuck
All the connectors so that you can remove and attach the hose at will
Service Manual that I have rewritten
Mechanism will be rebuilt and calibrated to within 1 lb.
Plus, our price includes shipping


$3299.00 including shipping

All prices are for the lower 48, additional shipping required for Alaska, Hawaii and all International sales.

Sorry, we do not accept Paypal, we accept
United States Postal Money Orders only.


Jack Sim
3922 Madeline Dr.
St. Louis, MO  63114
Also, please send us an email letting us know of your order.

For more information call:  314-427-3943

Normally we ship within 7-14 days, we will email you if there
are any delays.

For units powder coated in other colors besides red (see the picture above), please contact us.  These units also take longer to complete, and there will be an extra charge of $75.00 per color.


I am the only person using the original white fiber washers

Notice the original flat head stainless steel screws


Ready to have the hose attached
New ID Tag, electric and air line ready to attach to your supply

Back of mechanism after restoration
Front of mechanism after restoration

New chrome reset handle and bleeder valve

Hose with original style chuck and fitting, nothing extra to buy















One more thing, if you are shopping take a look at what others offer.  Look for these signs:
"I don't know if it works, I don't have anything to test it."  You can bet on it "not" working.
"The chrome has some pits but it can be rechromed."  No it can't. 
They cannot get the pits out of the lines on the chrome and on the edges of the bezel, I tried.  Also, have you checked on the price of rechroming?
"There is some rust at the bottom of the front cover."  Some rust?  This usually means it is rusted through and will require a new cover.  If it is necessary to use body filler to repair dents and scratches you will not be able to have the unit powder coated, you will have to have it painted.
"It has the original hose."  Hoses got replaced all the time, and if it is original it will be rotted and unusable.
"Completely restored."  Almost every unit I have seen on Ebay has bad looking wheels, why doesn't anyone restore the wheels?

Another thing to be very cautious of.  If you are looking at a unit on the web and the seller does not show you a picture of the mechanism, (a picture of the unit without the rear cover), he might be trying to hide something.  I have seen units purchased over the web where almost everything on the mechanism is missing (in other words the units was used as a parts unit) and this could cost you $100s of dollars replacing all the parts.

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