Steve Gold's Collection

Lancing, MI  2004

In the early 2004 I received word that Steve Gold had passed away.

Not many people knew Steve, but he was a long time friend of mine, mostly because of our love for air meters.

At shows like Carlisle and Hershey every year he would use my site as his dropping off point for every air meter he purchased.

I received a call from the gentleman who in charge of liquidating the collection, and he asked me to come up to Michigan and help him sort the stuff out.

Steve was a hell of a collector (I had no idea his collection was as large as it was), but he didn't know much about sorting things out.  One half of a air meter might be in one building and the other half in another.  I spent two days just putting things together.

The following pictures really don't show how much there was in the four buildings.

Kelly air tower

I bought the fire box. M&S pump.

Was from an old motel on Rt. 66, somewhere out west.

Belived to be a Wadhams station

Diamond air tower

New old stock sign still in the crate.

Rare Lipman air meter

He had a Route 66 sign from every state, including Kansas.

A room filled with air meters.

New old stock Chicago Pneumatic air globe

No. 1 or No. 2 Romort air meter (about 1917).

Head off a ECO 39.

Very, very rare Romort air meter, the only I have ever seen.

More of the room filled with air meters.

Arno, Romort air meter.

The optional base for the ECO Islander.

Bowser display pump.

Coin operated ECO (it is now part of my collection, I wanted it, because I sold it to Steve).

Six display pumps lined up.

Just some of the pump lights.

Another room, this one filled with air towers.

Globe air tower.

M&S 38, not a 39A or 38B, a 38.

Another pic of the Bowser display.

Bowser Pony.

Pioneer air tower.

The attic was filled with air heads.

The stack of Rt. 66 signs, this may be the one from Kansas.

Another rare pump, a Raymond, it dispnesed, gas, air and water.

He also collected 60s & 70s Oldmobiles, T-Birds and had one old Jag.



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